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This project involved working with local municipalities, businesses, residents and visitors to understand their existing Electric Vehicle (EV) knowledge and what they deem as barriers. As to be expected with new technologies, much has changed through the last 4 years, from the advancement of EV hardware and software to the growing acceptance that electric vehicles are here, and here to stay.

Education, communication and collaboration are the keys to successfully rolling out an effective EV charging network. Phasing charging stations into communities allows for individuals to gradually adapt and become familiar with these new technologies. The adoption of EVs relies on the leaders in a community to be engaged and collaborate in community outreach.

Working closely with our municipal shareholders in the Towns of Huntsville, Bracebridge and Parry Sound, the Villages of Sundridge and Burk’s Falls, and the Municipality of Magnetawan, we are developing an EV charging network that will support the community needs as well as the needs of the province.

With support from Natural Resources Canada, Lakeland Holding and Bracebridge Generation, Lakeland Solutions is proposing to enable the deployment of Electric Vehicle Chargers within our communities.

Supporting the deployment of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure throughout Canada is integral to the shift to zero carbon, specifically as it pertains to the Transportation sector.

Through project SPEEDIER, Lakeland Solutions, working with an academic partner, has conducted significant research and analysis, working to create a baseline and reporting system for Level 2 and Level 3 (DC Fast Charger). The primary focus is to understand the reduction of GHG emissions due to the installation and promotion of electric charging infrastructure.

This leading edge research is available on the SPEEDIER project website ( To better understand the impacts, additional charging stations on this network will be studied and incorporated into further analysis and research outcomes.

Lakeland uses the following criteria to pre-approve a site, aiming at checking as many boxes as possible:

  • Well lit at night or the ability to improve lighting.
  • Close proximity to stores, restaurants, views, sitting areas.
  • 24/7 businesses, coffee shops, fast food, convenience stores
  • Accessible area with sidewalks or smooth surfaces.
  • Access to high capacity three phase primary electrical distribution.
  • Ability to pave area.
  • Low crime, vandalism.
  • Friendly neighbours/neighbourhood. Safe feeling, may use crime statistics.
  • Close to major highway, intersections.
  • Municipal support or landlord support.

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